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Honor the Call

Do you recognize your heart's calling to use dance as a sacred healing practice? Honor the pull towards this unique path and learn to activate the power within your own body so that you can live a more empowered life of JOY!


About Modern Temple Dance

The Modern Temple Dance 3 Month Immersion is a virtual program designed to support women who are movement artists, yogis, healers, and spiritual seekers. Designed for those who are done feeling disconnected and disempowered  and are ready to step into their power! This is an evolutionary spiritual and healing path for all who are called to use the unique vehicle of dance to claim their divine birthright as powerful beings with the ability to create a life in abundance of good health, joy, and in service to the highest good for themselves, their families, and community. The aim of the Modern Temple Dance path is to make this knowledge accessible for all earnest sacred dancers while honoring the roots of the ancient lineages that have fostered and held this knowledge. We uphold and distill these teachings and offer it to you with the utmost respect and reverence towards the lineages in which they come. 

In our 3 Month Virtual Program you will receive:

1) Four 1:1 private sessions with Kalidasi 

2) Six Group Trainings on Zoom

3) Written Handouts to deepen and re-inforce knowledge of our practice

4) Spiritual foundations and practices that elevate your dance to a sacred art

5) Meditation, Breath work, Energy Clearing, and Body Awareness  exercises to calm the mind, settle the nervous system, and root us more deeply into our body.

6) Three sacred dance combinations (“Pathways”) designed to help heal the mind, body, and spirit. 

7) Lots of opportunity to learn, drill, and refine core bellydance hip work, undulations, shimmy vibrations, locks, and spinal rolls to cultivate and harness our body’s innate power.

8) Tools to create and customize your OWN sacred dance ritual

9) Mini Homework Assignments to get you implementing this practice right away as part of your daily life.

10) Lots and lots of group and individual support along the way!​

11) Access to a Private Facebook Group with all class recordings


This Path is for you...


1) You are a woman who longs to feel deeply connected to her body and to RE-CLAIM her power and her voice through her dance.

2) You have a sense that dance is the missing link that could profoundly aid in helping heal specific issues both: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually 

3) You view sacred dance as a Path of Service and desire to use this knowledge in order to heal yourself, your family, and the world.


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Is the Modern Temple Dance Path right for you?

* Do you feel a stirring in your soul that you are here for a greater purpose?

* Do you recognize dance as a powerful form of healing?

*Do you feel a connection to your spirituality through movement?

*Do you desire structure and support to help you commit to your OWN embodied practice and make this a part of your every day life?

*Do you want to learn the tools to make your OWN sacred dance at will that is customized to a very specific and personal need?

Upcoming Class Dates & Structure 

Every other Saturday, 12PM-3:30PM EST

October 8th & 22nd
November 5th & 19th
December 3rd & 10th

Month 1: Week 1

Theme: Clear and Connect: Initiation

Month 1: Week 2

Theme: Clear and Connect: Integration

Month 2: Week 1

Theme: Open & Receive: Surrender

Month 2: Week 2

Theme: Open & Receive: Recharge

Month 3: Week 1

Theme: Cultivate & Reflect: Serve

Month 3: Week 2

Theme: Cultivate & Reflect: Graduation

Dancer on a cliff

Results from the Modern Temple Dance Trainings

You know dance is POWERFUL:  the movement, the expression. We can feel it in our bodies, our minds begin to see the world differently, we feel more grounded and joyful. When we dance we are more ourselves, more ALIVE. We can access our own power with ease and feel a powerful force move within us and THROUGH us. We can sense ALL of this when we dance.

Some results from the Modern Temple Dance Trainings ARE:

1) You will drop more deeply into your body, feel connected, empowered, rooted in Joy so that you can create the life that you want. 

2) Strengthen your dance technique so that you can train your body to be a channel for Light and really experience the difference  when you move

3) Receive my MTD signature methods to create a strong bodily structure to bring more energy into your body safely and consistently while you dance. 

4) Learn daily spiritual practices and the necessary prep-work in order to support and strengthen your sacred dance and make it a way of life. 

5) Learn 3 different healing dances that are yours for life


6) Learn how to create your own sacred dance ritual aligned with your desires.

I want to hear from you!
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Let's Talk!

During our conversation, we will talk about what calls YOU to the path of sacred dance, how I may support you, and receive a FREE mini intuitive reading to create an individualized plan to get you to your goal!

Meet Your Guide:


Kalidasi Burgess

Founder of Modern Temple Dance

Kalidasi is an international dance mentor and performer from Boston, MA. In her professional work, she developed a dance philosophy and movement style called “Modern Temple Dance” that utilizes the natural movements of Bellydance and the devotional and philosophical approach of Classical Indian Temple Dance to recognize the human body as a living prayer and channel for Universal energy. Kalidasi is passionate about teaching dance as a true path to Self-Realization. Her dance is informed by her fifteen years of study in transnational fusion bellydance, Khalbelia Rajasthani folk dance, and the classical Indian dances Odissi, Bharatnatyam, and Kathak. She studied Bharatnatyam with Deepa Srinath of Boston, and currently studies within the Mohapatra lineage of Odissi under her master teachers Colleena Shakti and Sudhansu Puhan in Pushkar, Rajasthan and locally with Mouli Pal. In 2012 she had the honor of performing Odissi at the Pushkar Temple Dance Festival, in Pushkar India, produced annually by the Shakti School of Dance and the Old Rang Nath temple. From 2009-2015 Kalidasi was also a principal member of Boston-based professional belly dance troupe Vadalna Tribal Dance Company, directed by Naraya Ligouri.

In other healing mediums she is a kabbalist and Initiate in the Lineage of King Soloman, and studies the Sri Vidya lineage of Shakta tantra. She continues to conduct workshops and perform internationally and is passionate about teaching the transformative powers of dance.

When she is not traveling or teaching, Kali lives with her son and partner out in the beautiful woods of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Students Speak:
Praise for Modern Temple Dance

"Kalidasi is a very knowledge, experienced and powerful transmitter of these ancient dance forms, and creates courses that make these complex systems accessible to even the beginner dancer. Truly captivating and beautiful dance forms, I wish to continue my learning with Kalidasi as she is a wisdom keeper of these ancient forms and teaches them with expertise and reverence."

- Nicola Thea

"Kalidasi is the elder sister guide we all need in the challenging arena of indian fusion and temple dance studies. Her life long dedication and devotion to her craft and nurturing attention to her students allows fears and hesitation to subside as we shed our stories of "not enoughness" and enter the temple under the gaze of her encouraging guidance and tend to our individual and collective healing dance."

- Kanwal Rahim

”It was such a gift to be in your presence on Saturday and to experience sacred dance in this way.  I have danced my whole life, have studied and taught dance therapy, teach Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies course and feel well-versed in these arenas and even so- my mind and heart were opened in an entirely new way by the way in which you embodied and shared this practice with us.   I would love to be able to continue on this journey. I feel a door was opened for me and I feel called to walk through it and see where it leads.”

“Thank you Kalidasi. Your dance class is the best self-care I have done in a long time. I love learning from your adventures and knowledge and all of your choreography is exquisite and medicine for my body, brain and soul. You are honestly the best dance teacher I have ever learned from.”

- Maria Fernandez

- Mary Okin

“Was so amazing learning sacred dance from you! I look forward to the path lit by this flame. I haven’t ever felt so called to something so deeply in my core” 

- Rebecca Willis

“I had such a fantastic time on Saturday. I had high expectations and the workshop exceeded them! It was such a great combination of context and clear instruction. You made things that seemed complex feel doable and I felt good in my body. Can't wait to keep learning with you :)” 

- Kalia Lydgate

Are You In??

Next Cohort Begins October 2022!

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